The ENVERACE Journey: From the Beginning till Now

From Personal Struggle to Future Startup How it all started? For years we, Misha and Alex, have been involved in various sustainability projects. We were in contact with this world for long enough to sense that what was needed is a platform to connect environmental actors with the outer world. Why? A community for environmentalists … Continue reading The ENVERACE Journey: From the Beginning till Now


Secret Sauce to Find the Next Star of Your Company

All great startups, initiatives, and projects start with an idea. But truly successful projects happen due to successful teams. Here we share with you the "secret sauce" on how to find and bring the next "star" teammate to your startup, initiative, or project.

3 Key Tips to Select and Grow Your Startup Team

The most valuable component of any startup is the TEAM; and the most important factor that directly influences whether a venture turns into a failure or reaches success is how the team members are approached, selected, and brought together. So, here we present you 3 key tips on how to select and grow your startup team from our own experience in several startups and one organization.