How to Save Money on Recruitment

Recruitment of candidates, especially if it is done inefficiently, brings the burden of direct, opportunity, and bequest costs onto your corporate budget. How can you minimize all these costs and save money on recruitment, while doing it at a desired high quality level? Here is what we learnt from our readings and personal experience.


Why Candidate Pre-selection Matters

If you have an attractive and engaging job post, you can expect hundreds of applications for it. In this blog post we would like to explore what to do when you receive a multitude of CVs, motivation letters, and other candidate information and how to choose the most suitable and qualified candidate for your job out of them. In other words, why candidate pre-selection matters.

Dos and Don’ts When You Open a New Job Post

In most cases potential employees have their first “interaction” with a company and the job they seek through a job post. Therefore, how you design, publish, and share your job post is likely to influence the quantity and quality of applicants that you will receive. And this is why it is important to pay much attention to opening a new job post. So, here we would like to help you design an attractive and engaging job posts right from the start. We will do it in the format of DON'Ts and DOs.

What is HR and What a Recruiter Does?

We are working in the domain of HR Tech for the jobs in environmental management, science, and eco-innovation. We often talk with HR departments and recruiters from different companies and organizations. But do you know what role an HR department plays in a company? And what is the difference between an HR manager and a recruiter? In this blog post we explore these questions together.