TOP 5 ways to create work environment attractive for employees

Nowadays it has become really important to consider how a company takes care of its employees. Certainly, talents are important for any kind of business, even the one having production lines full of robots. But here we we are talking about the market niches, where talented employees stand at the core of the company’s “wellbeing”.

Take IT industry, for example. With the demand for good software / app developers far exceeding the available supply, it is not that easy to find one, and it is getting even harder to keep him/her working in your company. This is because there is always somebody, who provides better working conditions, or something special in terms of benefits, or at least bigger salary.

Similar situation can be observed practically everywhere: sales and marketing, research and development, HR management and training, etc. In environmental management, research, and eco-innovations, the domains we, ENVERACE, are working with, the challenges are even greater. The growth of technological advances demand more environmental specialists to fill in more and more jobs. However, the education of new specialists cannot provide satisfactory supply to “feed” this increasing demand. Thus, we have only a limited number of truly experienced environmental specialists, who are sought by many competing companies and organizations. An all this is due to the fact that good and committed employees are a valuable asset in every company. They are hard to find and require a lot of costs. But, if truly suitable and outstanding specialists and found, and they are committed to work in your company, they can bring you success and pay back all the costs in excess.

So, we have searched the web and found a good number of things that you can implement in your company to create an attractive working environment that would bring you outstanding employees and retain them for long term. We will start with the first 5 simple and low-cost ones. And we will not mention the clearly obvious things, such as attractive salary, flextime, or no dress code. Let’s begin!    

  1. “Ice cream” socials

These are relatively small events to celebrate certain achievements whether big or small. They are probably the simplest but the best thing you can do to motivate, inspire, and maintain your team. “Ice cream” socials are usually organized for special occasions, like closing a big sale, reaching a certain milestone, or even being on track with the plan. Celebrating together with the team brings the feeling of getting a result and being valuable for the company. Positive emotions from celebrating become part of the employees’ memories about the job and help them understand the main purpose of their work.

  1. Sports with employees

Oh, yeah! Team sport is the thing! It bring the feeling of integrity, team spirit, and doing something together and becoming good at it. Also playing sports with employees help you see the roles and attitude of each one in the team. And it is easy to do: you can try playing softball, soccer, frisbee, table tennis, and many other sport games.

  1. Free food

It is a laughably obvious thing, but the one that works: when you feed people and feed them well, they become faithful to you and your work environment. Because when employees stop thinking about what and where they are going to eat today and every day, they save brain resources and energy overall and can concentrate on other, more important tasks. Plus, eating together can help employees get to know each other better and can give rise to potentially fruitful ideas.

  1. Company-sponsored group outings

This is another simple thing that can be part of getting to know each other and tram building activity. Just take your employees somewhere outside. It can be a place to let the emotions go and charge your team with positive vibes for long time. The outings combine perfectly with team sports and games. Simply gather you team and go and have fun at mini-golf, paintball, bowling, amusement park, etc.

  1. Invest in top-notch equipment and the latest technology

In the modern era of advanced technology don’t make your employees work on junk. Especially your younger workers, as they place great importance on the caliber of technology they are expected to use. And yes, this has straight causal connection with the results the employees obtain. If they have to wait while a slowpoke work PC makes a basic calculation or loads a web page they will definitely not be excited to work at your place.

So far these are top 5 simple yet influential things you can use to improve work environment and  experience of your employees and bring their loyalty to your company to a new level. Try them, and after some time see the results. Then we will be happy to hear whether these things have worked for you and what other tips for creating attractive work environment you suggest. Just add them in the comments below.

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Best wishes with everything you do!


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