Why Candidate Pre-selection Matters

The process of assessing and recruiting people for jobs is changing a lot, influenced by the developments in automatization, advances in IT, improvements of AI, and other modern trends. Candidates can now apply for a job with a click of a button and instantly get access to psychometric selection tests, game-based simulations, and other tools with high efficiency and accuracy in entry-level selection (SHRM, 2016).

If you have an attractive and engaging job post, you can expect hundreds of applications for it. Of course, designing such a job post requires some thinking and creativity. Check out our previous post featuring some DOs and DON’Ts of creating a new well-performing job post.

In this blog post we would like to explore what to do when you receive a multitude of CVs, motivation letters, and other candidate information and how to choose the most suitable and qualified candidate for your job out of them. In other words, why candidate pre-selection matters.

When you have an engaging job post bringing you many CVs and applications, and you need to select only a few most relevant candidates to invite to the job interviews, the pre-screening process comes into the game. This is exactly what it is designed for: minimizing the number of candidates to be invited for the job interviews for you to save time, costs, and efforts at the later stages of the recruitment and onboarding process. Pre-selection is basically about matching of the information provided by candidates in their CVs and applications to the advertised required skills and competencies of the new hire (HR Management Guide, 2017).

Just imagine the situation, when you open a job post with the pre-selection process integrated into it. And when you receive candidate CVs and applications, they already come arranged according to the most relevant and suitable potential employees and provide you with all the information that is crucial for making a well-informed final decision about who to invite for interview.

Do you like what you have imagined just now? Do you have any other ideas on how an ideal pre-selection process might look for you?

If yes, share your vision in the comments to this post.

So, pre-selection helps you to filter out most suitable and qualified candidates from the pool of multiple CVs and applications, many of which are quite generic and not very relevant for your job. This allows you to become more efficient in handling the recruitment process of candidates for the new job that you have.

Now, the question is whether there are accessible tools that small startups and medium-sized companies can use to implement such automatization of the pre-selection phase of recruitment. Certainly, large HR agencies and international corporations already solve this problem by purchasing complex HR tech or developing their own in-house solutions. But what about those ventures, who can afford neither buying such tools nor developing their own? How can they deal with the need for affordable time-, effort-, and cost-saving pre-selection process?

You can find many different solutions to help you manage the pre-selection process on the web. However, not all of them might be relevant to you, considering you budget limitations. In addition, you have to be sure that the pre-selection tools you invest in and get work properly and bring the necessary results, especially when it comes to recruiting core team members and building a highly effective team to develop your company. In such a case what you seek is a neat balance between the complexity of the tool, the amount of candidate information it collects and processes, and its cost. Because the easier and cheaper the tool is, the less data you have, and the higher risk of selecting inappropriate and discarding the relevant candidates you have. From another side, the more complex and expensive the pre-selection process is, the more difficult it gets to process all the incoming information, while the higher is the risk of relevant candidates being scared of complicated application process.

When you have found the pre-selection tool most suitable to your needs, it is likely worth the investment to use it. Most on-line tools come with a certain free trial period, so you can easily check several tools and decide on the one that suits you and your company’s budget the best.

In the long run the pre-selection tool will bring you a number of benefits. By leaving the pre-selection phase to automatic processes, you will save valuable time and efforts to do more important and complex tasks. Also, instead of spending your budget on salaries and costs of keeping a team of recruiters looking through multiple CVs and subjectively deciding which candidate is most relevant for your job post, you can invest only a fraction of these costs in subscription for an on-line pre-selection tool and deal only with its well-organized final results. Last but not least, in the long-term perspective, your company’s team will be much more productive and united, when its members were pre-selected, assessed, and recruited properly without making subjective decisions on who to recruit and without stressing your current HR managers with monotonous pre-selection work.

So, why does candidate pre-selection matter for your company’s health, performance, and success?

The answer lies in the quality of candidates you get and set up job interviews with, the well-informed objective decision-making in recruiting most suitable and qualified team members, in building high-performing teams, in the long-term commitment of your employees, and in achieving all this with minimum necessary time, efforts, and costs. And the more time, efforts, and costs you save on the automatization of your pre-selection process, the more of them you can invest in doing other tasks, which bring much more output and value to the development of your company.

Basically, these are the key points we wanted to share with you regarding the candidate pre-selection process and why it matters for your company. As ENVERACE we stand ready to help you make the pre-selection process of your job candidates much easier, effective, efficient, and pleasant. We do that by delivering our affordable yet intelligent on-line pre-selection solution. Contact us to arrange its free trial for your next job post.


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