What is HR and What a Recruiter Does?

We are working in the domain of HR Tech for the jobs in environmental management, science, and eco-innovation. We often talk with HR departments and recruiters from different companies and organizations.

But do you know what role an HR department plays in a company? And what is the difference between an HR manager and a recruiter? Let’s explore these questions together.

Role of HR Department in the Company

Human resources (HR) is a section / department of a company that is responsible for recruiting and managing candidates and employees, including assessing and hiring candidates, onboarding and training new employees, managing payrolls, and overseeing benefits and compensation packages provided to all company employees (wiseGEEK, 2017). While employees, the workforce of a company, are like its “muscles”, then the HR department is like a “trainer” that builds these “muscles” and keeps the entire company’s “organism” in good, healthy, and productive shape.

HR are a very important asset of a company, just like its financial, material, and intellectual resources. A company has very high chances of being successful if it manages all of its resources well, including its employees. This is why practically all companies have an HR department, even though it does not directly contribute to the company’s production, services, sales, or profit generation. Instead, a well-functioning and performing HR department has direct positive effect on company’s employees by recruiting, training, motivating, encouraging, and supporting them to do their best at the workplace. In turn, this has direct influence on the company’s performance, productivity, and results.

One of the main functions of an HR department is managing current employees. The HR department deals with such concerns as employee benefits, payroll, internal company policies, and training. Among the benefits that are handled by the HR team are insurance plans, paid vacations, paid leave for illnesses and other health-related matters, pension plans, and employee investments. However, the responsibilities of the HR department do not limit here, as its members also play vital role in acquiring and onboarding new employees for the company.

Getting the Right Employees

The HR department can also be considered a “channel” through which the right people come to a company and get employed. To make this “channel” work the department usually has one or several recruiters. The recruiters’ task is to find the most suitable and qualified candidates for specific jobs and bring them into the company. To do that they create job posts and advertise them on the company’s website and through social media channels to attract attention for the new vacancies, as well as present the company and its vacancies at the job fairs. The recruiters the process all the incoming applications, check the background, employment history, and skills of candidates, and make a brief assessment of potential employees. This is basically the pre-selection phase of a recruitment process. Its purpose is to reduce the total number of applicants to the most suitable and qualified ones, who are worth to be invited for the interview. As you can imagine, this phase of recruiting new employees can get very time-, effort-, and resource-consuming. But the pre-selection process is very important, because it can save a lot of time and efforts later in the job interview process.

The task of pre-selecting candidates is a rather simple and often monotonous one that is usually delegated to young and not very experienced recruiters. It is also periodical, meaning that the recruiters do their work only when there is a new vacancy appearing in the company. If there are no open jobs, the recruiters have basically nothing to do. Therefore these days companies are looking for solutions to automate the pre-selection phase of their recruitment processes and save on the costs of keeping a team of recruiters, while still receiving well-structured information about the most suitable and qualified candidates for every new job post. Such automatic pre-selection also helps the entire HR department, where instead of looking through multiple generic and irrelevant CV’s and motivation letters, the team could focus on other more important HR duties, such as interviewing high priority candidates, taking them through the onboarding process, training them, and ensuring pleasant and motivating work environment for all employees.

If Recruited Employees leave the Job

In case the pre-selection, assessment, and recruitment process brought not the right people for the job, and after a relatively short period of time these people left that job, the HR department also needs to deal with such situations. It must perform certain tasks to ensure that the firing or leaving process was done legally correct. In some cases severance pay must be offered or outstanding balances of paid vacation time and other benefits must be settled. In addition, the HR department must check and collect all the equipment provided to the leaving employee, as well as make sure he/she no longer has access to the company’s resources and confidential information. Certainly, all this takes time and efforts and comes with extra costs for the company. Therefore the fewer employees leave the company, the better is for that company and its HR department. And this can be directly influenced by the quality and performance of the pre-selection, assessment, and recruitment process.

Improving Your HR Department

In sum, we can see that the role of HR department in a company is crucially important for its performance, results, and success. While it does not directly generate any products / services and profit, without the HR people company will experience trouble and costs in maintaining and managing all its employees and processes concerning them. To help the HR managers with pre-selection and basic assessment of candidates, the department usually has one or several recruiters doing this work. However, such work can be done automatically without the need to keep the entire team of recruiters and support them from the budget of the company. This is why wise CEOs and HR managers are searching for solutions to make the entire pre-selection and assessment processes more efficient and effective, while bringing the right data for a well-organized and argumented decision-making on the new employess.

With the rise of HR Tech, automatization, and AI solutions, the process of recruiting new people is changing. For example, we, ENVERACE, are working in this domain, focusing specifically on the pre-selection phase. We deliver a special tool, the ENVERACE Pre-selection Button, that works as an entire team of recruiters by collecting and organizing all the necessary information about job applicants and bringing you a detailed visual report with leaderboard of the most suitable and qualified candidates for the specific job.

If you like this idea, try it right now for your next job post. Contact us to get your free trial and enjoy all the benefits of automated candidate pre-selection process.


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